Bad Guy With A Gun Gets Taken Down By A Quick Thinking Good Samaritan Woman [VIDEO]

The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good (woman in a pink shirt) with a gun. This pig pulled a gun on a group of moms on a street corner in Brazil. Take notice America. Obviously, they have respect for self defense in other parts of the world.

This video and Conservative Tribune have the details.

WARNING: The video is graphic!

Over the weekend, an amazing video emerged that shows an armed criminal pull a gun on a group of mothers and children near a school. He may have thought that “defenseless” women on Mother’s Day weekend wouldn’t be able to resist, but he was dead wrong.

The surveillance video was released from Brazil, and shows a group of women and girls casually standing near a street corner. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the thug strikes, brandishing a revolver.

Footage shows the criminal making threats or trying to get at the crowd, but his preoccupation with carrying out a crime meant that he didn’t see something to his right: A woman in a pink shirt, carefully drawing a handgun of her own.

And the rest is history. This guy will never do something that stupid again. And he’ll never underestimate the power and strength of women again.