First Lady, Melania Trump, Hospitalized For Kidney Surgery

The White House issued a statement, today, outlining the condition of the first lady, who underwent surgery for, what they call, a benign, kidney condition. She is expected to make a full recovery but will be hospitalized for a full week.

USA Today has the details.

First Lady Melania Trump underwent a procedure to treat a benign kidney condition Monday morning, the White House said in a statement.

Trump underwent an embolization procedure at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, which “was successful and there were no complications.”

Trump, 48, entered the hospital on Monday and is expected to remain there for the rest of the week, according to the statement from the first lady’s communications director Stephanie Grisham.

While we don’t know the extent or reason why the first lady is having this treatment, here’s something I found that may, or may not, provide some explanation as to why she is being treated.

A kidney embolisation is the deliberate blocking of the blood flow to the entire kidney, or a portion of it, by the placement of a blocking agent in a blood vessel (artery). A variety of agents can be used to block the blood vessel including gelfoam, PVA granules or metalic coils.

Kidney embolisation is used to control bleeding from the kidney caused by trauma (injury), tumours and other conditions. In treating kidney tumours it is used for the following reasons:

  • Before surgery to minimise the risk of bleeding when a kidney tumour and/or kidney is removed.
  • Instead of surgery when removal of a kidney tumour is not possible. This is done to reduce the blood supply getting to the kidney tumour thereby slowing its growth and reducing the risk of bleeding.

We wish the first lady a speedy recovery and hope she is back assuming her duties as soon as she is able.