Joe Scarborough Calls Trump And GOP Tyrants And Demands An Apology (VIDEO)

Was Joe Scarborough ever really a Republican? You would never know it by his behavior since he hooked up with Mika. Or maybe Mika never had anything to do with it. Maybe he had swamp creature genes all along. Regardless, he speaks liberal very well.

Newsbusters, once again, exposes Joe and his liberal leanings in this video.

Monday’s Morning Joe was firing on all cylinders, full of liberal hot takes and hypocrisy from their faux conservatives and Republicans. Chief among them was co-host Joe Scarborough, who demanded that Republicans defending and enabling President Trump “not only owe an apology to this nation, they owe an apology to their children,” which is amusing considering Scarborough’s personal history with the President.

After hearing a mash-up of Republicans Senators defending the President, Scarborough proclaimed: 

This goes exactly to what Jon Meacham has said, goes to what I’ve written before in The Washington Post when I said that our Founding Fathers actually — they envisioned a time — and Jon talks about this in his book as well, The Soul of America….the Founders long envisioned the possibility of a tyrant being elected and becoming President of the United States. 

He added that the Founders “never let their imaginations be darkened by a Congress at the same time being so compliant when a chief executive with autocratic tendencies went in and did the sort of things that Donald Trump did.” Therefore, “[t]hese Republicans not only owe an apology to this nation, they owe an apology to their children.”

Joe never cease to amaze just how quickly and completely he has abandoned his “right” side. But what would you expect from MSNBC?