Just Regular Folks! Air Claire McCaskill Buys An RV To Campaign In, But Arrives By “PRIVATE” Plane At Each Stop

Wow! Claire should know better by now! We in Missouri have a long history of calling Claire out on her private plane “issues.” Every time she tries to relate to the common man, as she campaigns for re-election, she sticks her foot in it, and it usually revolves around her extravagant travel in her private jets. Her previous jet scandals included travel at taxpayer’s expense.

This time, she’s really created a conundrum. Knowing the folks are watching her closely, this election cycle, she decided to travel around the state in an RV, you know, so she could get close to the common folks, and show them, she’s one of them. Well, someone uncovered that she was following the RV in her $1 million dollar private jet.

The Washington Free Beacon broke this story.

The RV, named BigBlue by the campaign, was unveiled late last month by McCaskill, who said she was “very excited to hit the road” in it for an upcoming “Veterans for Claire” tour. The campaign kept a live blog of its three-day RV trip from May 29 to May 31, posting updates of its whereabouts.

Unmentioned on the blog is the role McCaskill’s private plane played on the trip. The aircraft is a single-engine turboprop valued on her financial disclosure forms at more than $1 million dollars.

… The GPS-based data transmitted by McCaskill’s plane for the days of her RV tour across Missouri indicates that it was used to travel between campaign stops.

On Tuesday, May 29, for example, McCaskill’s tour took her from Waynesville in central Missouri, west to Springfield, and then further west to nearby Joplin, according to the campaign’s blog.

The plane, according to the tracking data for the day, took the same route as the campaign RV.

It left St. Louis where it is based and headed toward Springfield just after 3:00 p.m. (ADS-B Exchange posts times in UTC, or Coordinated Universal Time, which is five hours ahead of Missouri’s Central Time Zone) and arrived 30 minutes later, right around when McCaskill was done meeting with local student journalists on the RV, according to her blog and social media posts.

Well, it’s just so uncomfortable riding across the state in an RV. And why would you do that if you could travel by private jet? This way Claire can avoid the unwashed masses and maintain an appearance as just regular folks.