Justin Trudeau Dropping In The Polls Faster Than His Eyebrows

So, what do the people of Canada really think of their prime minister? Well, not too much, if recent polling has anything to say about it, and I think they felt that way before his eyebrows fell off at the G7 Summit.

It looks like the Trump effect has migrated north of the border because conservatives are becoming more popular in Canada. … Sorry Justin….

Reuters reports:

The Progressive Conservative Party, led by populist Doug Ford, is on track for a sweeping victory in Canada’s most populous province, Canadian networks projected on Thursday, as Ford declared the province is “open for business.”

Ford’s party will win the majority of seats in the province of Ontario’s legislature, ending 15 years of Liberal rule and giving him broad powers to pass legislation, the networks forecast.

“We have taken back Ontario. We have delivered a government that is for the people,” said Ford, promising economic growth and prosperity in a speech to supporters in Toronto.

“The party with the taxpayers’ money is over – it’s done.”

… Ford’s stronger than expected showing and the Liberals’ significant losses to the New Democrats may worry supporters of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal Liberal party, up for re-election in 2019.

And this poll in Spencer Fernando says voters in Canada are more likely to vote conservative. More bad news for Trudeau.

A new Nanos Research poll shows the Conservatives now have more accessible voters than the Liberals.

It represents a big reversal for the Trudeau Liberals, who long held an advantage when it come to the number of Canadians willing to vote for them.

According to the survey, 46.3% of Canadians say they would ‘consider’ voting Conservative. That number is 44.6% for the Liberals, and 40.5% for the NDP.

And Straight.com reports Canadians see Trudeau as weak and bumbling.

A new poll by the Angus Reid Institute shows that Canadians have mixed views about their prime minister.

In advance of the G7 meetings in Charlevoix, Quebec, the polling company asked which adjectives described world leaders.

Here were the results for Justin Trudeau: charismatic (45 percent), weak (31 percent), compassionate (31 percent), arrogant (28 percent), and bumbling (27 percent).

It looks like there may be plenty of time for Trudeau to grow back his eyebrows after he leaves office.