POTUS Just Made It Easier For Americans To Take More Control Of Their Healthcare Decisions And Gets Upstaged At Bill Signing [VIDEO]

It’s no secret that big pharma pretty much controls the medical industry. And with all the regulations, the average American is pretty much limited in what kind of treatments were available to them, in the event a health crisis arose. Well, not anymore. Today the president just signed a bill that would give folks with chronic illness and disease the ability to choose treatments that weren’t previously available to them.

FOX News has the details of today’s event.

President Trump on Wednesday signed into law a bill that would allow those with potentially terminal diseases to try experimental treatments and bypass the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The so-called Right to Try Act of 2017, sponsored by Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., unanimously passed the Senate last August, and cleared the House last week on a party-line vote of 250-169 — in a win for both Johnson and the Trump administration. 

“Today I am proud to keep another promise to the American people as I sign the Right to Try legislation into law,” Trump said Wednesday. “We’re going to be saving tremendous numbers of lives.” 

Maybe why the president supported this bill for very personal reasons.

“As I proudly sign this bill, thousands of terminally ill Americans will have the help, the hope and the fighting chance — and I think it’s going to be better than chance — that they will be cured, that they will be helped, that they will be able to be with their families for a long time, or maybe just for a longer time,” Trump said. “But we’re able to give them the absolute best we have at this current moment, at this current second. We’re going to help a lot of people. It’s an honor to be signing this.”

So what is this bill, exactly, and what does it do?

Actually, Right To Try is a national movement that has been around for a while.

Over 1 million Americans die from a terminal illness every year. These Americans aren’t just statistics, they’re our friends, loved ones and family members. Many spend years searching for a potential cure, or struggle in vain to get accepted into a clinical trial. Unfortunately, FDA red tape and government regulations restrict access to promising new treatments, and for those who do get access, it’s often too late.

        The FDA drug approval process can take up to 15 years. This is far too long for dying patients to wait. Terminal timelines are measured in months, weeks and days. Not decades. Many potentially life-saving treatments awaiting approval in the U.S. are already available overseas, and have been for years. Sadly, most Americans cannot afford to seek treatment abroad. Many are left without hope.         

        Right to Try legislation, already law in 40 states and under consideration in 10 more, gives terminally ill patients the right to try investigational medicines that have not yet received full FDA approval. Right to Try gives life-saving hope back to those who’ve lost it. To learn more about Right to Try, read our FAQ. Find out if Right to Try is law in your state.

And what better way to start off this new policy than for POTUS to get upstaged at the bill signing by a deserving, young patient. So adorable!


This is a great move in the right direction. Government was never meant to run the healthcare industry and the bureaucracy it has created has definitely gotten in between patients and doctors. And anything that gives more people control over the pharmaceutical decisions they make, is definitely a good thing.