Bill Maher Disagrees With Fellow Liberals On Banning Of Alex Jones: ‘Supposed to Be for Free Speech’

On Friday, liberal comedian Bill Maher defended InfoWars host Alex Jones on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” arguing that liberals should be in favor of free speech, as it is a core American value.

Maher disagreed with his audience and the show’s panelists about whether Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify permanently removing Jones was a step in the right direction.

“I’m going to talk about free speech for a minute because Alex Jones, who is not my friend, who tells crazy lies about me, is thrown off Twitter, and Facebook and a few other platforms,” Maher said, which got his audience to actually applaud.

“We’re losing the thread of the concepts that are important to this country,” he continued. “Either you care about the real American shit or you don’t. And if you do, it goes for every side. I don’t like Alex Jones, but Alex Jones gets to speak. Everybody gets to speak.”

Maybe Maher doesn’t yet understand how far the Left has gone with its belief that it’s no longer worth it to fight for the values that you believe in, it’s just better to silence the opposition, so that nobody can learn the opposition’s viewpoints.


From Breitbart:

Despite being a virulent critic of President Donald Trump, Maher has long been an advocate for the First Amendment, having previously been subject to no-platforming attempts at UC Berkeley for his views on Islam. Last year, he denounced left-wing opposition to free speech on university campuses as a form of “book burning.”

“Berkeley used to be the cradle of free speech, and now it’s just the cradle for f*cking babies,” he said. “And this is the liberals’ version of book burning, and it’s got to stop.”

Bill Maher, who is usually a smarmy, arrogant tool of the Left, has always been on the right side of two issues;  Islam and free speech.  In fact, Maher is so right on those two that it makes conservatives ponder how someone could be so right on those issues and so hopelessly wrong on everything else.  When you hear him speak on Islam and free speech you wish he was on our side, as he knows the intimate details that most leftists ignore or don’t understand, but then another topic comes up, and he’s Mr. A-hole all over again.

But at least he’s right on this.  Free speech is something liberals used to champion, and now most liberals champion free speech,  so long as it’s speech they agree with.  Otherwise, they have to shut it down.

Many see the purge of Alex Jones from multiple social media platforms as the canary in the coal mine for the leftist tech giants banning big-name conservatives to take away any opposition voice for the upcoming midterms.

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