Bill Maher: Immigration From Mexico ‘Isn’t A Problem’

HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher on Friday asked if the United States really needs to strengthen its borders, and actually said,  “Immigration isn’t a problem from Mexico. We need those people. They want to be here.”

You have to be willfully ignorant to make a statement like that on a cable network show.

Maher and his panel of merry leftists were talking about a clip they just played of Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s comments on the demographic change seen in the U.S.  Maher first asked,  “So, is the dog whistle dead, we’re just saying it outright?”

Maher then read a statement by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria about immigration, and said that his remarks weren’t “totally dissimilar from what she’s saying, without some of the ugliness to it, but policy-wise, it’s not that different.”

First off, when is pointing out facts ugly?  Are they ugly when you don’t like the facts?  Did Bill Maher get the FACTS vaccine as a child, and now he doesn’t get FACTS?

They saw Ingraham’s statement on demographics as a racist comment, because liberals break everything down into race.  I’m certain if millions of illegal Irish or Germans were coming across our borders Ingraham would have made the same statement.  The difference is these pinheads wouldn’t have come down on her the way they did here, even though the argument of demographics would have been the same.

Maher went on to add that Ingraham “is not a good person for what she’s saying.”  So, now if you have a discussion on forced demographic changes on a society you’re not a good person?  So, everyone who sees this as a problem just has to shut up?

I think Bill Maher is not a good person for discounting all of the problems caused by illegal immigration from Mexico and other countries south of the border.  We reported yesterday that an illegal alien from Honduras, who was deported, but then released by the city of Philadelphia, which recently became a sanctuary city, after ignoring repeated detainer requests from ICE, was picked up again, only this time for raping a 5-year-old girl.  Is Bill Maher honestly going to stand by his statement that immigration isn’t a problem from Mexico?  The Honduran rapist came through Mexico illegally to get here.  And he’s not the only criminal element illegally crossing our borders.

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) responded to Maher’s question of what the Democrats’ plan for immigration is by pointing to immigration legislation that passed the Senate that had a pathway to citizenship and stronger borders.  This clown talked about how immigration from other cultures is our strength.  Another moron moment brought to you by a Democrat politician.  Our strength coming from immigration comes from bringing people in from around the world, but people who can sustain themselves once they get here.  Immigration isn’t about owing the third world a living.  Immigration is about bringing people into the country who will complement and help the people who are already here. That’s what everyone should be trying to Find Out More about. This is what liberals don’t understand.

That’s when Maher replied, “Do we really need strengthening our borders? I mean, I hear all Democrats say that, just the way they always first say, ‘I’m a big supporter of the 2nd Amendment.’ How about just saying it’s not a problem? It’s — immigration isn’t a problem from Mexico. We need those people. They want to be here.”

Yes, Bill Maher, the blithering idiot, who has a net worth of $100 million and doesn’t ever have to deal with problems caused by illegal immigration like those of us who don’t live in gated communities.  Maher lives in another world, just like the rest of his panel.

Leftist comedian D L Hughley typically brought race and slavery into the segment, which has nothing to do with the illegal immigration problem or the rapidly changing demographics of the country that Laura Ingraham was talking about, because all he knows is to crack hateful jokes about people he politically disagrees with and play the race card.

LA Times assistant managing editor Christina Bellantoni chimed in with an idiotic statement about her half Chinese son, asking snarkily if he was “being foisted on the American people.”  How can one woman be that dumb?  The discussion wasn’t about her half-Chinese son, unless millions of half-Chinese sons were allowed to come over the border illegally and disrupt American lives.  It was about third world, low-skilled people being brought into the country at massive rates, too big for the American people to deal with in many communities.

Hordes of people have come here illegally, and were given de facto amnesty by the Obama administration when Obama ordered the immigration judges (who work for the Executive branch) to issue Administrative Closure instead of issuing bench warrants for illegals who don’t show up for their deportation hearings, which is all of them.  Administrative Closure simply put them on a list, and nothing was ever done with that list.  They were placed in limbo and allowed to roam the country freely.

There is no assimilation for the majority of these people, because no one in government is forcing them to assimilate.  In fact, liberals will call you a racist if you demand they assimilate into American society.  In other words, they don’t want to become Americans, and liberals are fighting for their right to not want to become Americans.

American homogeneity was once preserved by the Congress shutting down legal immigration for decades, for the purpose of allowing the new immigrants to assimilate into American culture and society.  That doesn’t happen anymore.

These panelists did what liberals always do.  They ignored the actual substance of what they were complaining about that Ingraham said by making statements that were hollow, false and misleading, and outright stupid.

You have to be living on another planet to not recognize the serious problems illegal immigration creates within our society, and to discount the problem of not allowing for assimilation into a new culture, which is why I think everyone on that panel was intentionally disingenuous for the leftist cause.  Trust me, if it was known that illegals from Mexico overwhelmingly voted Republican the Left would be catapulting them across the Rio Grande twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

SOURCE: Breitbart

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