Bill Maher Pimping The Moonbat Crazy Idea That Trump Will Not Leave Office Even If He Loses 2020 [VIDEO]

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher on Friday made the statement that he doesn’t know if Democrats will ever win another presidential election, because Donald Trump “is going to go when he wants to go, and that includes losing the 2020 election”.

From Breitbart:

Maher said, “The mistake was made by letting him become president. You know, I’ve seen this in so many thriller movies, where the hero… says to the civilian that gets mixed up in the whole mess, look, some people will approach you. They’ll have suits and badges. They’ll look very official, and they’ll say, ‘Get in the car with us.’ Don’t ever get in the car. Because once you do that, you have no options, and that’s it, you’re dead. And we got in the car with Donald Trump. And once we’re in the car, we don’t have any — we’re not going to win the Supreme Court pick. I don’t know if we’re ever going to win another election, because I keep saying, and I truly believe, he is going to go when he wants to go, and that includes losing the 2020 election.”



I don’t know where this form of mental illness came from, but Maher and the big fat stupid white man, Michael Moore, have been spreading this insane rhetoric about Trump never leaving the White House.

I hate to break it to Maher (and other like-minded nincompoops), but Donald Trump so far in his presidency has by FAR been more respectful to the U.S. Constitution than Barack Obama, who Maher and his ilk thought crapped ice cream and rainbows.

You just have to listen to Trump when he talks about getting things done to know this is true.  He always talks about having to get the Congress to move on things that he knows the president doesn’t have the power to do.  Unlike Obama, Trump doesn’t threaten to use a pen or a phone to skirt around Congress (or worse, the Constitution).

For example, Trump hasn’t declared that the Congress was in recess so he could make a recess appointment because he knew the Senate would never confirm his awful nominee.  Barack Obama did that.

During the whole leftist hysteria of illegal children being separated from their parents, Donald Trump kept saying that the Congress has to change the law.  Democrats in Congress ignored his pleas, and kept demanding that he do something.  Trump knew that “something” was the responsibility of the Congress.  The fake outrage from the Left was getting so out of control that Trump signed an executive order to stop separating families of illegal border crossers who get caught.  Obama didn’t do that.  And even then, Trump mentioned numerous times afterward that the Congress still had to act, because what he did by signing an executive order would not stand up in court. To effect real change, the Congress has to do its Constitutional duty by changing the immigration law, rather than demand a president, who doesn’t have the power to change laws, take steps to do their job for them.

That doesn’t sound like a tyrant.  That doesn’t sound like a man who doesn’t understand and respect the Constitution.  That doesn’t sound like a Democrat.

Donald Trump respects the office of the President and our Constitution enough to leave office when his term is up, and I can’t for the life of me figure out where these liberal cretins came up with the idea that he would threaten our country by not accepting an election result.  (Speaking of not accepting an election result, that’s exactly what liberals have been doing since November 8, 2016.)

Bill Maher is a smarmy, self-centered, condescending, Hollywood Bourgeois
Champagne Liberal who refuses to recognize his own hypocrisy, and is just plain awful.  Most of the time Maher’s political comments are a painful violation of common sense, and I feel that there should be compensation for it.  It’s not that I hate him… but if he were on life support, I’d unplug it to charge my smartphone.