Bill Maher Says Florida Is A ‘Dress Rehearsal’ For Trump Not Leaving The White House If He Loses In 2020

Bill Maher of HBO’s “Real Time,” on Friday, argued that President Trump’s involvement in the election controversy in Florida is “a dress rehearsal” for Trump refusing to leave office if he loses in 2020.  This moves Maher straight into the progressive fringe kook world, right next to La La Land.

From Breitbart:

Maher stated, “I don’t think he’s leaving, if — even if he loses the election in 2020, and I think what you see going on right now in Florida, there’s this recount. He’s involved. He’s already talking about it a lot. I think that’s a dress rehearsal for what we’re going to see if he does lose in 2020. I do not see a scenario that we’ve seen on January 20th of the next year, where he welcomes the winner graciously.”

He later added that reporters should ask other Republicans, “what about two terms for the president, would you come out on record and say there is no situation in which a president can serve more than two terms? If that’s not a red line — and I bet you they hem and haw.”


Woodward supposedly went on the show to hawk his new book, Fear: Trump In the White House, which he said President Trump gave him the title during an interview.  When he asked Trump what is real power, Trump said back to him that real power is fear.

“It was almost like Hamlet in Shakespeare,” Woodward shuddered.  “It’s his way of scaring the bejeezus out of people,”  he added.

“People ask why Republicans fall in line behind him. They fear him,” chimed in Maher.

“The country fears him, so the world fears him,” Woodward added. “The fear has worked,” he said, calling this administration a “governing crisis” created by a POTUS “gambling with who we are and what the country is.”

Pretty soon Maher’s Trump Derangement Syndrome will have him warning America about Black Hawk helicopters flying over Hollywood with Trump’s name and logo on the side.

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