Confirmed: Susan Rice Ordered Obama’s Cybersecurity Coordinator To Stand Down On Russian Interference

Michael Daniel, special assistant to former President Barack Obama and White House cybersecurity coordinator, confirmed on Wednesday that former national security advisor Susan Rice ordered him and his staff to “stand down” in regard to the Russian attempts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

Why would the Obama’s national security advisor ever do that?  What was the goal?

Daniel told members of the Senate Intelligence Committee that quotes attributed to him in the book, Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump, were an “accurate rendering of the conversation” he  had with Rice and his staff.

Apparently Daniel’s staff took in the order with “disbelief.’

The Obama administration has been criticized for being aware of Russian attempts to influence the election, but it remained silent on the subject.

The Washington Post reported that Obama, and three top aides, were given direct evidence from the CIA of Vladimir Putin’s cyber campaign to interfere in the election.  The administration knew about it for months ahead of the election, but only decided to take action against it in December.

“It is the hardest thing about my entire time in government to defend,” a former senior Obama administration official who was involved in White House deliberations on Russia said of the administration’s inaction. “I feel like we sort of choked.”

Barack Obama was nothing more than a corrupt political ideologue who used government resources to win elections – read IRS blocking Tea Party groups in 2012 – and it would not be difficult to believe he thought of ways to use the Russian interference in the election against Trump and to help Hillary Clinton.   It is more likely he wanted to wait and see if the Russians were trying to help or hurt Clinton.  By December, he realized they weren’t helping her, and that’s when he decided to do something.

After learning about all of the corruption that went on in the Obama DOJ and FBI during the 2016 election, it makes sense that Obama allowed the Russian hacking to go on, especially if he thought it would be to his benefit at the time.  There was a lot of corruption that went on during his tenure, and his decisions on when to move on the Russian interference could have been one of many different angles he used on how to cover it all up.

Susan Rice lied to the American people on more than one occasion.  She went on the Sunday news shows and lied about a YouTube video being the cause of the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on the Benghazi U.S. embassy that cost the lives of four Americans, including the U.S. Ambassador.  We later found out through communications Hillary Clinton had that night with her daughter and Egyptian and Libyan officials, that they knew right away it was a coordinated terror attack by an al Qaeda-affiliated group.   Why did they lie?  Because they had an election to win in only two months’ time! They needed to cover up the reason for the ambassador’s being assigned there in the first place, as well as getting weapons back that they ran to the Muslim Brotherhood a year prior which found their way into the hands of al Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan.

Rice also told the country that Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl was an American hero captured by the enemy on the battlefield, rather than the deserter a-hole he really was, who cost the life of a soldier who went looking for him.  Obama traded five Taliban commanders for the deserter Bergdahl, who later plead guilty to desertion.

She also lied about her role in the unmasking of Trump campaign workers when she herself unmasked them.

Why should anyone not believe this woman didn’t give a stand down order over the Russian hacking?

SOURCE: Washington Examiner