Hillary Clinton Crying Over Kavanaugh Nomination That Will ‘Shift The Court To The Right’ For Decades

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton chimed in on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh over the weekend, where she warned American voters that Kavanaugh’s confirmation would “shift the court to the right” for decades.

Yeah, that’s the whole point.  Shifting to the right, in this case, means the high court would move back to ruling based on the U.S. Constitution, and that won’t sit right for Clinton and her army of progressive libtards who see the courts as a means for getting policies they want that they can’t get at the ballot box.  The Founding Fathers are turning in their graves.

The two-time presidential loser unleashed her frustration on social media, saying “The next Supreme Court justice could shift the court to the right for decades, with devastating consequences for reproductive rights, health care, workers’ rights, and voting rights.”

It’s funny how prominent Democrats claim to, and in most cases swear to, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, yet they all go on pushing an unconstitutional laundry list of progressive issues that would get a belly laugh from men like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and others who fought for and designed the Constitution.

Reproductive rights is not in the Constitution.  You can hold it up to the light, upside down, and pour lemon juice on it, and you will not find it in there.  The same goes for health care, worker’s rights, and even voting rights, as voting is mentioned, but as a reality for the States.  Even the 15th Amendment was about voting rights for the former victims of Democrats, slaves and people of color.  When Clinton and her ilk talk about voting rights they are talking about blocking Voter ID laws that would help to curb the amount of voter fraud Democrats engage in during every election.

Had Hillary won in 2016 she would have nominated Merrick Garland, Obama’s pick to replace Antonin Scalia, to the court, and right about now we would more-than-likely be turning over our guns to the federal government.  Clinton doesn’t see the irony in her bemoaning a conservative to replace Justice Kennedy vs putting an anti-Second Amendment leftist like Garland on the court to replace the late, great Antonin Scalia.

Instead of holding large-scale DNC fundraisers in New York, Chicago, and California, Clinton should be facing a trial for her part in the attempted government coup during the 2016 presidential election where she paid for the phony Steele dossier that was used to obtain a FISA warrant for the Obama FBI to spy on her opponent’s campaign, let alone for her use of a private email server where she allowed classified data, containing our nations secrets, to be exposed to our enemies – and then lied about it.  Hillary Clinton is as despicable as it gets, and I can’t see how the party believes should would be an asset to Democrats running in the coming midterm elections.

SOURCE: Hannity

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