Jim Acosta Makes Light Pelosi's Delaying Of SOTU Address While Calling Trump's Payback A 'Childish Response'

Jim Acosta, who sometimes claims to be a CNN senior White House correspondent, continued his narcissistic war with the White House Thursday reporting that President Trump’s decision to cancel Speaker Pelosi’s (D-CA) publicity tour, errr, foreign trip during the government shutdown a “childish response.”
And what exactly did Acosta think of Pelosi’s calling off the State of the Union Address over bogus security concerns?  That’s right, crickets.  Pelosi pulled that stunt to try to reinforce the Democrat argument that the government shutdown is all Trump’s fault and it’s causing problems with security for high-falootin’ characters like Pelosi.  Well, the Secret Service and Secretary of Homeland Security flat out rejected her bogus concerns.

“Our nation’s capital has officially become a playground. Our President has responded in a childish way to the House Speaker’s letter, essentially saying the State of the Union be postponed,” said Acosta.

“He’s calling upon the Speaker to join his strong border security movement -as he’s calling it- to end the shutdown,” he added.
It is amazing how leftist activists who call themselves journalists always side with Democrats, even during times when Democrats pull cheap political stunts like what Pelosi did.  In this case, Jim Acosta is too stupid to realize that Donald Trump is simply letting Pelosi and other Democrats know that he can be just as petty as they are with him.
The president has gone out of his way to negotiate a deal with Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), including staying in Washington during the Christmas holiday while Pelosi went off to a luxury resort in Hawaii.  Trump last week asked Pelosi during a get together if he gave her everything she wanted would she give him border security funding.  She said no, and the president said there was nothing further to talk about, and left the meeting. Any way you look at it, the president has gone out of his way to cut a deal to end the shutdown, and it is the Democrats who are doing things to keep it shut down, because for Democrats everything is political.
SOURCE: Hannity
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