John Kerry Wants To Sue Trump ‘For The Lives That Will Be Lost’ Due To His Stance On Climate Change

The latest craze the Left is now engaged in is to blame Donald Trump for everything from margarine to humidity.  Sounds crazy, right?

Former Secretary of State John Kerry [‘moronus boobus Americanis’]predicted that “lives will be lost” due to President Trump’s position on climate change, calling his time in office a matter of “life and death.”  Was that yet another veiled call for assassination from the Left?

John Kerry is actually complicit in matters of “life and death” for Americans over his role in the Iran nuclear deal.  Can you believe that this man, who put our lives in jeopardy by brokering a deal with Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism, that allowed that regime to have a nuclear weapon within a certain number of years, is accusing the president of bringing bad weather to the United States?

From PJ Media:

“This is why it’s the anecdote to what Bob Woodward lays out [in his new book Fear: Trump in the White House]. This book describes how we accept and fight, many times unsuccessfully, more times successfully, to make our democracy work and never had we needed to do that more than right now. We’re in trouble,” Kerry said about his memoir during a discussion at the Carnegie Center for International Peace Monday evening.

“I don’t try to be a troublemonger or to be somebody who tries to scare people, but I’m telling you folks – and I write about this in the last chapter of the book – I mean, I wish I could find legal standing to bring a case against Donald Trump for the lives that will be lost and the property that will be damaged and the billions of dollars because of his decision on climate change. This is life and death. Our democracy matters that much,” he added.

John Kerry, who used to serve as our Secretary of State, is insane.  He believes that if Donald Trump agreed with his position on climate change the world would be a much safer place to live and that hurricanes just wouldn’t happen.

This kind of mental illness is spreading and becoming more commonplace among liberals.  Rhetoric that only a few years ago would have netted you a spot in the giggle house is now considered sober during the era of Trump in the Left’s never-ending quest of one upmanship hyperbole to trash our president.

The good news is, the world is watching, Americans are intelligent and there’s no way that all of this unfounded and baseless rhetoric will go unnoticed. Cast your vote in November for sanity.

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