Mark Meadows Says Rod Rosenstein Should Be Held Accountable ‘For His Obstructionist Conduct’

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) in a statement on Thursday, charged that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein “must be held accountable for his obstructionist conduct” after the Inspector General (IG) report was released.

IG Michael Horowitz released his report, which gives details for how the FBI handled, or mishandled, the Hillary Clinton email investigation.  Among other things, the report reveals a previously unknown text message exchange between FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page in which Strzok told Page “We’ll stop it,” referring to Page’s question of Donald Trump potentially being elected president.

In his Thursday statement Mark Meadows said:

The findings from Inspector General Horowitz are deeply disturbing and raise alarming questions about a Justice Department that should serve as a bedrock for America’s people. IG Horowitz’s report and his conclusions reveal a troubling number of executive failures that absolutely cannot happen in this country.

Meadows then castigated Rosenstein for hiding the text that Strzok said he and others will stop Trump from becoming president.  That is obstruction, and Rosenstein should be held accountable.

From Breitbart:

Meadows continued:

Even more disturbing is the idea that Congress is just now learning of information we should have received from the DOJ months ago. Why are we just now learning of a text message where Peter Strzok discusses “stopping” Donald Trump from becoming President? Why did Rod Rosenstein and the Justice Department hide this text message from investigators? There is absolutely no excuse. The fact that we are finding out about this text in an OIG report once again confirms that Mr. Rosenstein has zero interest in anything even approaching transparency.

“Peter Strzok should not have a job anywhere near our Justice Department. Rod Rosenstein must be held accountable for his obstructionist conduct,” the North Carolina conservative added. “James Comey should come before Congress and answer for his deeply improper handling of this investigation.”

In conclusion of his statement Meadows said, “After this report, it’s clear we have a long way to go to restore the integrity of and public faith in our Justice Department. Americans deserve better than this.”

Meadows spoke out Wednesday about a report that Rosenstein threatened congressional members and their staffers on the House Intelligence Committee to subpoena their emails, phone records and other documents because the committee is performing its Constitutionally authorized role of oversight into Rosenstein’s department.  Rosenstein is known for having a huge temper, and Meadows believes he should be held accountable.