Nobody Showed Up For Comey’s Book At Trendy D.C. Bookstore

Washington’s trendy Dupont Circle district is home to Kramerbooks, where Washington folk go to browse books, grab a bite to eat at the cafe, or just hang out.

Being one of the surviving brick and mortar bookstores in Washington, D.C. it’s the perfect place to sell a new political book.

The store was open just after midnight Tuesday morning with expectations of seeing long lines for the release of James Comey’s new book, “Smug Justice,” or “Why I Let Hillary Off,” or whatchamacallit.  Funny thing was there were more photographers and mainstream news reporters than customers.

In short, it was a flop.

“Kramerbooks expected long lines but it’s very tame,” per CNN’s Saba Hemedy, referring to one of the capitol’s independent bookshops.

People tweeted what they saw.

Comey is not getting the adoration, sympathy, or empathy he must have expected from the book.  And why would he?  He lied under oath to Congress and lied to the president’s face.  And he has admitted that he lied.  The double standard this man exemplified while serving as director of the FBI was staggering.

Even Piers Morgan had something to say about Comey’s book to Sean Hannity on his Fox News program:

HANNITY: “You say Mueller’s team is panicking and fishing. I agree with you. I don’t think they have ever found anything related to collusion, and they just keeps bringing off into this other — well, he fired Comey. He has an absolute right to fire James Comey. And it’s actually scary in terms of what I believe is a fishing expedition, and I think you agree with that.

MORGAN: I do, and actually I find it extraordinary that James Comey, a former boss at the FBI, is able to write a sort of tell-all book right in the middle of the Mueller investigation. I mean, this wouldn’t — this wouldn’t happen in many other countries. You wouldn’t be allowed to do this. Peddling all sorts of lurid and ridiculous details to the world.”

SOURCE: The Washington Examiner, WHD