Rahm Emanuel’s Final Middle Finger To Working Class Chicagoans

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who has revealed he is not running for reelection, has announced a plan to “form a task force” this week to investigate the implementation of a “universal basic income” for Chi Town’s poorest residents, a plan he hopes will “cement his progressive legacy” of continuing dependence on the city’s poorest residents.

Emanuel’s program would make monthly payments to Chicago residents “without any conditions.” The initial assessment places the figure at $500 per month per family.

Since no government has any money of its own, where exactly will the city get the money for this program?  From everyone who works for a living, of course.

In June, Chicago’s North Side Alderman Ameya Pawar introduced a resolution calling on Emanuel to launch the pilot of the program to pay 1,000 families $500 every month.  That’s half a million dollars each and every month, or six million dollars per year, to continue to keep voters dependent on government handouts (for votes).

“Chicago would be the largest city in the country to take this step,” said one Chicago official. “I think the mayor sees this as a chance to lead the way as cities try to grapple with poverty and income inequality at a time the federal government is not addressing those things. This would be a legacy issue [for Emanuel].”

Meanwhile, Chicago is struggling with growing gun violence and city-wide crime with recent figures revealing over 25 percent of the city’s population living below the poverty line, and this nitwit mayor can only come up with a plan to take even more from workers to help the permanent underclass created by the Democratic Party.

And when the city runs out of money to fulfill this benefit it will pester the state for funds to cover the payments, and eventually, you the reader, will be stuck paying for this program, and other such programs like it being started in cities run by Democrats everywhere, through your federal tax dollars.

In typical Democrat leadership style, Emanuel’s decision to create this unsustainable program will have to be dealt with by future mayors as he floats out the door.  What a rogue scoundrel!

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