Rose Garden Brawl Breaks Out Between Citizen Journalists And Establishment Media: ‘You’re Not a Journalist, You’re a Punk!’

On Thursday, after president Trump’s press conference on the citizenship question, a regular brawl broke out between the president’s former deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka and Playboy reporter and political analyst for CNN, Brian Karem, got into a heated argument.

Popular conservative media personalities including James O’Keefe from Project Veritas, the undercover reporting company, Mark Dice of YouTube fame, and author, Joy Villa, conservative singer and songwriter, and our own David Harris Jr were invited to the Rose Garden for the announcement.

Karem was apparently outraged that they were attending, and he started a fight with Gorka by openly saying that the group of conservatives were “eager for demonic possession,” which brought laughs from other reporters.

“And you’re a journalist, right,” Gorka shouted from the other side of the gathering.

“Hey– come on over here and talk to me, brother. We can go outside and have a long conversation,” Karem threatened, which was a pretty stupid thing to say considering they were already outside.

“You’re threatening me now in the White House – in the Rose Garden, threatening me in the Rose Garden,” Gorka said as he approached Karem.

“You’re a punk. You’re not a journalist. You’re a punk!” Gorka said to Karem’s face.

“Go home. Go home. Hey Gorka– get a job!” Karem snapped.

“Hey– just for the record, he’d kick your punk ass,” Jim Hanson, who captured the heated moment, added.


It didn’t end there, as O’Keefe tried to defuse the situation.

“I’m on the same team as you. We’re both journalists. We’re both investigative reporters. All I ask is, do your job,” he said, urging Karem to refrain from being a petty loser by attacking the character of others trying to do their jobs as well.

Villa was awesome, jumping right into it by telling the “establishment media” that she and others are citizen journalists who want them to stop reporting “fake news.”

Karem argued back at Villa, acting like a pompous jerk over his status as a “real journalist”  while trashing Villa’s status as a citizen journalist.

The same types ripped on Matthew Drudge of, claiming an Internet site was not real news, and now Drudge defines the news cycles every day.

Karem put up a fight with Villa, attempting to puff his chest on his status as a “legitimate” journalist while belittling Villa’s “citizen journalist” view.

“When you have a staff of people that verify your facts, then you can call yourself a reporter,” he said. “You have an opinion. Label yourself as an opinion.”

“You should label yourself as an opinion,” Villa shot back.

“I do. And when I write a feature it’s labeled ‘news,’” Karem claimed.

Karem believes you’re not a real journalist unless you have a copy editor, even though Fake News copy editors from networks like Karen’s CNN constantly allow garbage to pass through as real news. It’s why CNN’s ratings have plummeted, and are still going down.

It’s a new world out there in journalism, and citizen journalists today do what the establishment news used to do: report the news.