Trump’s Approval Rating Among Black Voters Nearly Doubled From Last Year

President Donald Trump’s approval rating among black voters has risen again and it’s nearly doubled in the span of a year’s time, so says the latest presidential polling from Rasmussen Reports.

Right now Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows Trump’s approval rating with black voters at 36 percent, compared to only 19 percent on the same day last year.

And the spike in support didn’t happen by Trump pandering racial platitudes at the black community.  They simply like what his economic policies are doing for them.  How can they not, with record low black unemployment and a booming economy, which promises good economic times in the future?

That’s something Democrats have always promised the black community ever since the days of FDR, and they never came through.  In fact, FDR needed the racist wing of the Democratic Party in Congress to pass his New Deal legislation, and they told FDR that they wanted two things for their support.  The first was that he block all anti-lynching legislation, and he agreed.  The next thing was that blacks could not enjoy the benefits of his New Deal policies, and guess what?  The Democratic president again agreed.  They told him that most blacks back then worked in the residential services industry, so he excluded those jobs from Social Security.  FDR promised the black community jobs in their cities for their support, and in the end, the jobs they got were temporary jobs building the highway bypass roads and ramps that allowed white people to drive through those neighborhoods to get to the real jobs found inside the cities.

Donald Trump didn’t pull those kinds of racist stunts.  He made a promise to the black community that if elected he would do everything he could to help their communities, and these polling numbers show that he is getting some recognition for coming through for them.  Black Americans living in big cities still have many obstacles they have to overcome each and every day, and that’s because Democrats still run everything at the local level.

Progressive Democrat policies make it difficult for people living in big cities to start a business, send their kids to a decent school, and afford to live in a nice neighborhood, even with the increase in salary from the Trump tax cuts.  Progressives still control every aspect of life in major metropolitan areas.  Who knows, maybe that too will start to change.

The approval numbers are even more extraordinary when you consider Trump’s disheartening performance with black voters during the 2016 election, where he picked up only 8 percent of black men and four percent of black women.  These new numbers show that the black community gave him a shot, and they have been paying attention ever since.

The same poll data show Trump’s overall approval rating at 49 percent of likely voters for his job performance and 49 percent who will never approve of him no matter how great again America gets.

These figures also reveal that Trump is shrugging off accusations of racism from Democrats and the progressive left.  Republicans are always going to be accused of racism from the Left.  It’s their playbook.  How Republicans respond to those accusations makes all the difference.  Normally, Republicans cower in the face of racism accusations, even when they know they’ve done nothing wrong.  It’s what I call Battered Republican Syndrome, where they panic at even false accusations, because Republicans not only have to deal with their own constituents and the opposing party, but a Democrat-supportive establishment news media that acts like the stenographers of the Democratic Party, along with left-leaning Hollywood and leftist academia.

Donald Trump is making America great again, and he includes all Americans in the effort.

Source: Breitbart

A personal message from David…

“As an American, and as a part of the black community, I could not adequately express how excited this makes me, for these numbers show not just that the mainstream media’s lies are being exposed, and that the black community is waking up, but it proves that when you fight for the truth, you will win!

I personally do not believe that Donald Trump’s approval rating among the black community would be as high as they are if it were not for real freedom fighters like Candace Owens. Her consistent exposing of the liberal hypocrisy and democratic lies that have maintained a hold on the black community, have been showcased all over television, social media, and at events around the country. She is a leading and prominent voice for conservatives, and as a young Black woman, she gives an alternative perspective to young black girls over what they most likely have grown up knowing throughout their whole lives.

It’s because of strong black women like Diamond and Silk that have held a steady course in the pursuit to wake Black America up. With truth and humor, they have reached beyond the scope of what most in journalism or in the news can do.

It is because of individuals like Brandon Tatum, a lifelong Democrat that decided to challenge the media narrative, and actually attend a Trump rally. At that rally he encountered something that changed his life forever. He encountered caring and peaceful individuals. He encountered patriots that love their country and the freedoms that our country gives us. He saw firsthand how CNN later showed clips of those at the same rally that he attended, where there were only white faces in the crowd behind Trump. Knowing that there were a lot of other races represented at that rally, he recognized the lies and the spin that the mainstream media puts on their news to construct the narrative that they want the people to believe. He woke up, he walked away, and he’s shared video of his experiences that have been viewed by over 70 million people, including President Trump! Donald Trump reached out to Brandon, and sent a bunch of MAGA gear to the police station that he worked at.

Brandon was recently on Fox and Friends and was asked to give his input on the NFL players kneeling, and his support for Donald Trump. That clip was shared on Twitter by none other than Kanye West.

I believe it is because of Kanye West. A superstar, an icon, and a hip-hop legend that was told to not come out about his positive feelings for Trump. He was told that it would ruin his career. He was told that he would be blackballed and excommunicated from the hip-hop community. He was challenged, intimidated, and told to stay in his place… But he recognized that that place, was actually on a plantation. And he decided against all advice, after 18 months of silence on his Twitter, to come out in support of Donald J. Trump by showing his support for Candace Owens. I don’t think he truly understands how monumental that tweet was. Obviously having watched some of Candace Owens videos, he tweeted “I like the way Candace Owens thinks”. I truly believe that that tweet gave Black America permission to think against a message that has been ingrained in many of us in the black community, from the time we were born.

I believe it’s because of individuals like Brandon Straka, the founder The #WalkAway Campaign, a lifelong liberal that cried when Donald Trump was elected president. He posted videos ranting and sharing his inept disgust at how so many Americans could vote for such a man. Being a part of the gay community, he was surrounded by other liberals that believed Republicans are the enemy of freedom, peace, and love. Then one day a friend sent him a video that shattered the narrative that he held so dear. He shared his experience and the truth that he had woken up to, and started a campaign that has changed hundreds of thousands of lives around the country. His story has given people permission to wake up and #WalkAway. And it has also had a massive impact on the black community.

These are just a few of the real heroes that have laid their lives on the line to fight for freedom and there are so many more. These approval numbers reflect the efforts of so many among the Latino community, the gay community, and of Americans of all backgrounds that have joined forces to shine a spotlight on what I believe is one of the worst plagues to ever hit the soul of America.  The Democrat party is being exposed. Their lies are being exposed. Truth is prevailing, and America, will never be the same.

But our fight is not over, it has just begun… Like Harriet Tubman, who is famous for freeing thousands of slaves said, “I freed a thousand slaves, and I could have freed a thousand more, if they only knew they were slaves.

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