Venezuelans Educate Jim Carrey On Socialism As ‘Oppression Against the People’

Jim Carrey, who hasn’t had a hit in years, thinks he has to be a provocative liberal in order for fellow leftists to give him the love and adoration he so desperately wants.

Carrey is one of the most polarizing celebrities out there.  Some people will run to the theater to see anything he’s in, yet others will leave the theater if he even shows up in a trailer. (I am in the latter group.)  He was once a common feature in big-budget comedies, serving as the anchor for films like Dumb and Dumber, The Truman Show, Liar Liar, and more, but he’s been seen on screen less and less in recent years, and Hollywood just doesn’t cast him anymore.  In short, he’s an arse-hole, and too much of a risk.

Carrey once came out against gun owners and the Second Amendment, saying that gun control opponents are “heartless motherf—kers unwilling to bend for the safety of our kids.”  He later apologized for his more colorful insults.

Well, he went and put his foot in his mouth once again, this time appearing on Bill Maher’s show “Real Time”, where he argued in favor of socialism.

“I grew up in Canada, OK, we have socialized medicine. And I’m here to tell you that this bulls-it line that you get on all of the political shows from people is that it’s a failure — the system is a failure in Canada. It is not a failure,” Carrey insisted, “and I never waited for anything in my life. I chose my own doctors. My mother never paid for a prescription — it was fantastic.”


Carrey even said that Americans on the left need to “say yes to socialism – to the word and everything. We have to stop apologizing.” He went on, saying that Canadians are “nice” because they live under socialism.

Bill Maher himself acted as if anti socialists always use the failed state of Venezuela as the model for what socialism does.  Well, it was Hollywood morons who told us to look at Venezuela as the model of what socialism does.

Venezuelans living through the worst economic crisis in the nation’s history have responded none too kindly to Carrey’s call to the world to “say yes to socialism.”  Columnist Laureano Márquez on Wednesday published a piece that argued that Carrey doesn’t understand the “repression” conducted in the name of socialism in places like Venezuela and other Latin American countries.

Márquez, who writes for the Venezuelan outlet Runrunes, an opinion and analysis website dedicated to Venezuelan topics, gives Carrey the benefit of the doubt as an actor with no education in political science. A political moron would be the better way to explain him.

“Sometimes it seems that Hollywood stars’ inability to understand politics is directly proportional to their on-screen talent,” he writes. “Reagan was always a very untalented actor, thank God.”  Eh hem… eh, maybe he’s got a point.  Let’s move on.

The piece also points out that Carrey is using a definition of socialism that is so naive and out of touch with real world experiences in places like Venezuela, saying that he believes socialism “is a word that sounds pretty… the antithesis of selfishness, synonym of concern for others, equal distribution of riches, support for the weakest and their needs, health and education for everyone, etc.”

That’s all a bunch of nonsense made up by people who support socialism so that others don’t think of them as cruel and evil for backing such a disastrous set of policies.

From Breitbart:

He goes on to note that dictators like Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro use the word “socialism” to “hide deep threats … against what is considered socialism, hiding a purely intolerant and hardcore authoritiarianism, if not an outright dictatorship.” He cites the fact that Maduro’s family and cronies control the limited wealth left in the country, leaving most of the rest of the citizenry eating out of the garbage.

“In Venezuela, we have grown to hate the word socialism, it represents oppression against the people, the destruction of a flourishing nation, and the desperation of its citizens,” Márquez concludes.

Venezuela has few remaining media outlets that still publish anti-socialist viewpoints, Runrunes being one and El Nacional, one of the nation’s oldest newspaper, remaining as the only major publication in the country still printing within its borders against the regime. Many other Venezuelan opposition sites operate in the diaspora, and Venezuelan citizens outside of the country take advantage of their freedom to express themselves on social media. One of these outlets, the anti-socialist Maduradas, published a compilation of reactions to Carrey’s remarks from Venezuelans on Twitter, including some who had fun superimposing Carrey’s face on an image of Argentine mass murderer Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

Others tried to educate the ignorant Hollywood has-been.  The following tweet suggested bringing Carrey into Venezuela, making him “open an account at the Bank of Venezuela, show him the lack of electricity, make him ride a ‘rutachivos’ [trucks Venezuelans use instead of the no-longer-functional public transportation], take him to try to buy meat at a store.”

Thanks to socialist policies Venezuela now has shortages of food, water, and medical supplies.  Basic needs are scarce, and people are starving to death.  It’s so bad that the country recently went through a scandal over deliberately manufacturing useless  vaccines.  When even China cuts off credit and advises it’s investors to steer clear of Venezuela, because of it’s socialist mismanagement,  that should tell you something. Please share this, and hope that Americans wake up to the truth!

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