Clinton Cover-up, FBI Firings- Why IG Report is Critical

What exactly is the upcoming IG report? Was there a ‘Deep State’ cover-up of Hillary Clinton’s crimes to help get her elected?

The upcoming report by the Department of Justice Inspector General will answer this. It is also why Deputy FBI Director McCabe was fired. There have been many consequences to a report that has not even been released.

We are hearing about multiple investigations going on concerning Hillary Clinton at the same time. In order to understand what is happening, we should understand the IG and why their reports so critical to other investigations.

I previously worked for two different Inspector Generals (IG). I will share why this upcoming report from the DOJ IG is the important key to McCabe’s firing and much more.

The Inspector General (IG)

Every government agency has an Office of the Inspector General (IG). There is a separate IG for the Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Justice, and so on. The Office of the Inspector General is an internal watchdog that investigates fraud waste and abuse within that agency.

An Inspector General is not political. They are completely independent of the head of the agency. No one can tell them what to investigate, or not investigate. They are set up for honest independent oversight. They are the watchdog. And it works.

Members of Congress can request an investigation or audit by an Inspector General if they believe something has been done wrong or criminal. If there is substance to a request from Congress the IG will start an audit or investigation report. An ‘announcement letter’ will go out to interested parties stating what the ‘scope’ of the report will be.

The written report with recommendations is then later released to Congress. I have co-written and contributed on many IG reports issued to Congress in my career and have great respect for the work of the various Inspector Generals.

The “Scope” Matters

The beauty of a report by an Inspector General is that it is very focused and deliberate. It has to abide by strict governmental auditing guidelines. These rules require a determined “scope” of the audit or investigation.

There is no going down rabbit trails, getting off focus, or chasing something else that may come up during the research and interviews. The auditors and investigators assigned to the IG report do deep research, interview subjects, and are very factual. Sources they use must be undeniably credible. Interviews are often under oath. If a crime is discovered during the research in the report, a separate criminal investigation can be opened.

These reports are focused and trustworthy. They are NOT politically motivated. That is why they have credibility in the eyes of Congress.

This upcoming report by the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz will determine if the FBI

  • Tried to protect Hillary Clinton by covering–up findings
  • Leaked reports to the media
  • Suppressed the ongoing investigation of Clinton’s private email server.

The investigation leading up to this report is why Andrew McCabe got fired, others have been demoted. James Comey, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, who headed up the Clinton email probe, could still be in big trouble.

Hillary’s Emails – The Report We Are Waiting For

It is important to know that this IG watchdog report we are discussing is only concerning how the FBI handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server issue, and was it covered-up by top officials at the FBI.

It is not about the Russia probe or AG Sessions recusing himself, or Mueller’s special council. The media talking heads try constantly to mix these issues up in order to distract away from the subject.

This report is also not concerning the Clinton Foundation. There is a separate investigation into the Clinton Foundation that is reportedly being handled out of the Little Rock FBI field office. The Clinton Foundation probe dates to 2015, when FBI agents began looking at those who had made donations to the charity.

According to the Washington Post, in 2016, Justice Department prosecutors rejected a request from FBI agents to expand and intensify their work on the Clinton Foundation. They asked that the bureau not take any investigative steps that could become public, out of worry this could affect the impending election.

That subject will be in another investigation.

Horowitz told lawmakers last November that his investigators looking into Clinton’s private email server had reviewed roughly 1.25 million records and conducted dozens of interviews in connection with the ongoing investigation.

The research and investigation for this coming report has already led to top powerful FBI heads to roll.

McCabe’s Firing Was Result of this IG Investigation.

Despite the fake news spewed by the media, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was NOT fired because of the “Russia probe.” Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said he was fired because he lied to the IG investigators working on this report.

“McCabe authorized the FBI to talk to the media about a Hillary Clinton-related criminal inquiry, then lacked candor when internal investigators asked him about it.”

It is long standing FBI policy that no one is allowed to “confirm or deny the existence of an ongoing investigation.”

Justice Department rules prohibit the dissemination of confidential information. In other words, “Don’t leak to the press.”

More Heads May Roll

A report by The Wall Street Journal cited hundreds of text messages exchanged by FBI agent Peter Strzok, who headed up the Clinton email probe, and FBI lawyer Lisa Page, with whom he was having an affair.

Strzok said he met with McCabe to discuss “hundreds of thousands of emails” discovered on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, husband of top Clinton aid Huma Abedin. This meeting took place during the election and at least a month before they told Congress about it. We will have to wait and see if Strzok and Page are in the final report.

House Oversight Chairman Devine Nunez has indicated that many more criminal investigations could result from this upcoming IG report. In interviews he has stated the House Oversight committee has more work to do but they are waiting for this critical independent IG report to be released in the coming weeks.

Personally, I can’t wait! The FBI is never supposed to be political. They are to investigate, not cover up. I have worked alongside them, and have great respect for them. I am excited to see the weeding out of the “Deep State” within the FBI.

Robin Rowan 3-26-2018