Alec Baldwin Arrested for Assault Again

Alec Baldwin has been arrested for assault in the Greenwich Village section of New York. He was allegedly waiting for a car to pull out of a parking spot when another driver pulled into it. Baldwin followed the man and punched him. Now, parking spots in the Village can be few and far between. I know that for a fact, as I used to spend almost every Saturday night at Kenny’s Castaways or the Back Fence. But I don’t recall ever punching someone over it. Kenny’s castaways closed in 2012. The Back Fence closed in 2013. I guess they couldn’t live without me. But, I never punched anyone in either venue.

From NBC New York City

Actor Alec Baldwin was arrested Friday after allegedly punching a man in the West Village.

Law enforcement sources told News 4 the dispute was over a parking spot. The NYPD said the actor will be charged with third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, and harassment. The assault charge is punishable by up to a year in jail. 

Baldwin punched the victim once in the left side of the face, the sources said, after the man purportedly took a parking spot Baldwin was waiting for on E. 10th Street.

The 49-year-old complained of pain and was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital, the sources added.

Baldwin is expected to be allowed to go home after being processed, and would be due in court sometime next month. 

Baldwin was charged with third degree assault and could get up to a year in prison, especially since this is far from his first offense.

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