American Hating Women’s Soccer Team Drives Finals Viewership to a 43% Decrease

Allie Long and Megan Rapinoe celebrated winning the Women’s Soccer finals by throwing their US flags on the ground. This was Rapinoe’s standard operating procedure for the tournament, and now that the ratings are in, we can say with no uncertainty that Americans have no desire to watch a gaggle of America-disrespecting ne’er-do-wells. At first blush, it may appear that the number of viewers was impressive at an average of 14.27 million viewers – until we compare it to their last final in 2015 that averaged 25.4 million viewers. That’s a loss of 43% and over 10 million.

The women have been complaining about equal pay with the men, but the men have never chased away nearly half of their fans, nor have they ever unleashed the profanity-laced tirades we saw from the women’s team during their victory parade. Let’s face it; there aren’t many parents who want their children exposed to a constant stream of Motherf_^ers on national TV. The revenue from the next women’s final will be based on the 14.27 number, which will result in a drastic cut. Endorsement deals for individual players, specifically for Rapinoe and Long, will have to reflect the mass alienation of consumers.

The AP reported:

The United States’ 2-0 victory over the Netherlands in Sunday’s FIFA Women’s World Cup final averaged nearly 15.6 million U.S. viewers on English- and Spanish-language television.

It was the most-viewed match this season, but a decrease from the 2015 final.

The match averaged 14.27 million viewers on Fox, according to the network and Nielsen, and peaked at 19.6 million. It was a 22 percent increase over last year’s FIFA World Cup men’s final between France and Croatia, which averaged 11.44 million.