Attorney Gregg Jarrett Destroys Cohen Prosecutors and Takes Them to School [VIDEO]

Attorney Gregg Jarrett took apart the federal prosecutors who were working on the Michael Cohen case and got him to confess to a crime he didn’t commit. The joke is on Cohen. After he cooperated and admitted to a non-crime, those same prosecutors have called for him to get a stiff prison sentence. The prosecutors claim that Trump ordered the payments to two women who claimed to have had consensual sex with Trump long before he ran for president.

The problem is that it’s not illegal. It would have been if he had used campaign funds, which he didn’t. Also, the argument that he used excessive political donations to pay the women off doesn’t hold water, because candidates do not have a limit on how much money they can donate to their own campaigns.

Jarrett said:

Robert Khuzami, the “Acting” US Attorney, filed a sentencing memo claiming President Trump organized illegal payments. Khuzami doesn’t know the law. Non-disclosure contracts are legal in every state. It’s not an illegal campaign contribution. Not a crime. Khuzami is wrong.

Trump did not use campaign funds. A candidate may make unlimited contributions to his own campaign. Yet, Robert Khuzami convinced Cohen, a liar and tax cheat, to plead guilty to a non-crime. Khuzami wants to be the guy who brings down the President.

Look at the four attorneys who signed the Cohen sentencing memo under Robert Khuzami’s name. Griswold, Maimin, McKay and Roos. They’re all kids. No real experience. They don’t know anything about the law. They don’t understand the Federal Campaign Election Act.

Frankly, it should be against the law to allow a bunch of snot-nosed kids, fresh out of law school, to file a federal court document that contorts the law in a deliberate effort to implicate the President in wrongdoing. Did they even read the law? Comprehend it? Morons.


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