Attorney Robert Barnes Gives Covington Slanderers Just 48 Hours to Retract and Apologize

Attorney Robert Barnes is not playing around. The prominent lawyer is prepared to start filing lawsuits against news media, Hollywood stars and members of Congress in 48 hours if they choose not to retract their lies and to apologize for telling them. One person under threat is a member of Congress, Ilhan Omar. It seems unlikely that she will give in to the demands as she has already proven that she is uninterested in the truth if it does not match her ideology. She even made the verifiably false statement that the Covington boys harassed the Black supremacists and not the other way around as multiple videos clearly show.
From The Gateway Pundit
Attorney Robert Barnes joined FOX and Friends on Wednesday morning:

Barnes is giving major media and celebrities 48 hours to retract and apologize or face a lawsuit.

Robert Barnes told FOX and Friends: Because these are all private citizens and many of them minors and kids the law is that saying anything about them is libel. And you don’t have a defense of actual malice all you have to prove is negligence. So a lot of these journalists who have been saying false statements about these kids, false statements about the kids at the Lincoln Memorial, false statements about various photographs that are related to the school, slurring and libeling the entire school and all the alumnae of the school and all you have to prove is that they were negligent in doing so. At this standpoint at this point in time it is clear that anyone who continues to libel about these kids has done so illegally and can be sued for it.
FOX and Friends: Why do you want to do this? Why do you want to help the families?
Robert Barnes: Well the nature of libel lawsuits is that they generally are very hard to bring. They cost between a quarter of a million and a million dollars to bring. That’s how much powerful people will use for their legal fees to defend such suits. So I wanted to equalize the playing field. These are people who couldn’t afford to bring this claim on their own behalf. That’s why I offered my services for free because somebody needed to stop this from occurring to other kids across the country… Everybody is now
FOX and Friends: I understand you want to give 48 hours notice. That’s your plan.

Robert Barnes: Everybody is now on 48 hours notice. So by Friday everybody needs to retract and correct any false statements they have issued about these kids. That means any major member of the media. That means any celebrity. That means anybody with a substantial social media platform. If you have said anything false about these kids. They are willing to to offer you a 48 hour time period, a period of grace, consistent with their Christian faith, for you to through confessions get redemption to retract and apologize. If you do not in the next week you may be a defendant in a lawsuit.

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