Attorney Robert Barnes to Ilhan Omar: Retract Lies or Get Sued

Many times, when someone is smeared like the boys from Covington have been, they do not have the money to go after everyone who has wronged you. That’s where the boys from Covington have it made. Famed Attorney Robert Barnes is representing them for free, even if they win settlements. Someone also opened a GoFundMe page for the boys, who have said that half of what gets raised, they plan to contribute to a pro-life group. Robert Barnes has sent a letter to Ilhan Omar, who was married to her brother for something like eight years.
From The Gateway Pundit

The media lies have been debunked.

The Black Supremacists shouted homophobic and racist slurs at the Covington teens after the March for Life rally in Washington DC.

Then out of no where, Native American activist Nathan Phillips approached the students and loudly beat a drum in their faces.

The Covington boys showed incredible restraint in the face of vile taunts and harassment — the main teen being targeted, Nick Sandmann, stood silently while Nathan Phillips got up in his personal space with his drumming and chants.

The mainstream media has retracted their false stories and apologies have flooded Twitter, but the radical Muslima is still spreading lies about the Covington boys.

Ilhan Omar falsely claimed the Covington boys were taunting the black supremacists and spread the lie that the teens “surrounded” Nathan Phillips and led racist chants.



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