BREAKING: Rosenstein Threatened Republicans If They Kept Investigating FBI and DOJ [VIDEO]

Two witnesses have come forward and spoken to reporter Gregg Jarrett and informed him that in a meeting with members of Nunes’ committee, Rod Rosenstein threatened the Republicans with subpoenas unless they stopped investigating the FBI and the DOJ just three weeks ago. On Friday, the House Intelligence committee released the FISA memo and guess what? Rosenstein was implicated in the abuse when he signed on to the extension of the FISA warrant based on the Hillary dossier. Gee, wouldn’t that be like, oh say, obstruction of justice?

Jarrett said:



Jarrett also said, “Again, if true, Rosenstein’s action was an illegal abuse of power and he should no longer serve as Deputy Attorney General. He allegedly used threats to try to stop the Intelligence Committee from exposing wrongful behavior in an attempt to cover it up.’

This is the make or break moment for AG Jeff Sessions. Rosenstein was named on his recommendation and now he is accused of crimes that no Deputy AG should ever commit, being the top law enforcement agency in the United States. Sessions has two choices. he can either fire Rosenstein and if he fails to do that, he should tender his resignation on the spot. Wem need someone in that job with enough cojones to go after the criminals, not hire them.