College Course Teaches That Trump Supporters are Bigots, Loud and Insulting [VIDEOS]

Katherine Mack, chair of English department at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, assigns her students to read anti-Trump writings as a mandatory requirement in her class. She teaches that Trump supporters are racist, loud and insulting. Excuse me, but doesn’t that describe the leftists to a tee? Aren’t they the ones physically attacking people, throwing rocks and bottles at police and setting fires to cars, dumpsters and businesses? Who are blocking highways and surrounding the homes of people with whom they don’t agree? I give Professor Mack an “F”.  She is either delusional, or outright deceptive, indoctrinating your kids – the ones you spent so much money on by sending them to college.

From The Blaze

Reading assignments reviewed by Campus Reform describe Trump supporters and conservatives as being prone to “shouting” and “inciting xenophobia.”

One of the books on the reading list, “Post-Truth Rhetoric and Composition” by Bruce McComiskey “analyzes the instances of bulls***t, fake news, feigned ethos, hyperbole, and other forms of post-truth rhetoric employed in recent political discourse,” according to description of the book by its publisher, University Press of Colorado.

McComiskey maintains that if the “Trump effect” is not “immediately and forcefully” challenged, students will begin “inciting xenophobia, retreating into isolationism, resorting to shouting, causing disruption, spouting insults, securing exclusion, encouraging divisiveness, spewing invective, exploiting fear, and desiring success at all costs,” the report stated.

Success at all costs? You mean like BAMN (By Any Means Necessary?) And antifa supplies the fear and exclusion while they chant insults. I am posting a few videos as examples that the behavior assigned by Mack is actually practiced by her ilk and not ours.

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