Conservative Professor Scores a Huge Victory After Two Years

Eric Thompson, who was a sociology professor at Moreno Valley College since 2005, was fired two years ago for giving students a conservative view on various topics. The college claimed that by using conservative arguments he was harassing and caused a dangerous situation for faculty and students. Thompson was a tenured professor and was twice named professor of the year.

He filed suit at that time and now, after two years, he has finally been vindicated. Details of the award were not announced, but in case of wrongful firing, an employer must pay double damages, which would mean four years pay plus punitive damages and they would be required to either give him his job back or throw a boatload of money at him to get him to go away.

From The Daily Caller

A conservative legal defense organization claiming a California professor was fired for promoting his “dangerous” conservative views on marriage, gender roles and sexual orientation helped him emerge victorious after a two-year legal battle.

Eric Thompson, who was a sociology professor at Moreno Valley College since 2005, brought conservative views into class discussions to challenge students to defend their stances, Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) wrote in a press release Thursday.

“Several students and colleagues considered Thompson’s apparent validation of non-liberal views to be ‘harassment’ and ‘dangerous,’” PJI wrote. “Instead of promoting academic freedom and critical thinking skills, the community college swiftly terminated Thompson’s employment due to the ‘immoral’ nature of his discussions.”

“The atrocious silencing of this professor, who merely offered a well-balanced presentation of conservative and Bible-based thoughts with prevalent social science teachings, had to be challenged,” PJI President Brad Dacus said in the news release. “How many other voices of reason are being squelched in academic institutions by the far-left?”

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