Deep State and Democrats are Terrified of Robert Mueller Testifying

I could be wrong, but I believe it is more likely that Senate Republicans will subpoena Robert Mueller before House Democrats do. As long as Mueller does not testify, the American voter will not be able to witness Mueller being questioned by Republicans on the more than 100 instances of federal law and law enforcement protocols that have been violated.

Democrats would prefer for that not to happen, so they can continue to lie about the Mueller witch hunt. But, Republicans in the Senate might be very willing to let Mueller testify so they can cross-examine him on his bias and crooked investigation – and they won’t do it behind closed doors. Mueller might even take the Fifth, which would be devastating to the Democrats.

From The Gateway Pundit

Mueller cannot get in front of a Congressional panel to address questions about his Mueller report.  Deep State won’t let him.  It would be devastating to their coup.  “Placeholder” Mueller does not know all that happened under his watch.

For two years the Mueller special counsel was investigating the President of the United States.  The Democrats and their Deep State cheered him on.  Numerous corrupt and criminal events took place.  The last thing that the Democrats now want is for him to testify in public about his bogus, dishonest and one-sided report.

Those that want the truth could ask – When did the investigation into Trump and Russia start?  Why did you not address the phony Steele dossier in your report?  Why did you not look at any of the actions by the Hillary team who paid for and supplied the dossier?  Who cleared the team for conflicts of interest since it was all Hillary supporters, lawyers and donors?  What was the original crime that started the investigation and why was the scope so broad and outside of the Special Counsel mandate?  Why did you withhold information from Flynn, Papadopoulos, etc?  When did you release Strzok and Page?  Why did you destroy the data on their phones so their text messages could not be shared with Congress?  And on and on and on….

Many, many questions could be asked that Mueller could simply not answer. 

Mueller looked very nervous and small as he read his response to the media where he stated that he couldn’t charge the President.  This conflicted with what he told AG Barr and to what Barr has testified to.  Barr stands by his story so much so that after Mueller’s nine-minute presentation a letter was released by the DOJ that stated that Mueller did not disagree with AG Barr’s interpretation of the law in regards to the Special Counsel.

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