Democrats Try To Rewrite the Constitution in Order to Protect Robert Mueller

On their first day in power, Democrats tried to rewrite the Constitution – twice. Once in eliminating the Electoral College, which as people with brains know can only be changed through an amendment to the US Constitution. The bill they proposed would never be upheld at the Supreme Court unless it goes through the full amendment process, which would never pass. The second bill they offered would give Robert Mueller full immunity, not only from being fired but would also immunize him against crimes and protocols he has broken and will break. The Special Counsel is an employee of the DOJ, and would then have the president as the eventual decider.
Under current law, a special counsel can only be fired for  misconduct, dereliction of duty, incapacity, conflict of interest, or other good cause.”  Under Nadler’s bill, even if Mueller were guilty of all of those (which he is) he could not be fired. Of course, Jerry Nadler’s bill is only for show, because Congress cannot unilaterally remove power from a president, which is clearly spelled out in the Constitution. It would also prevent the DOJ from investigating crimes and conflict of interest on Mueller’s part.
From The Conservative Tribune

“For the last two years, House Republican leadership sat idly by, and often joined in, as President Trump attempted more than once to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller and launched serious attacks on senior Department of Justice officials in an effort to end the Russia investigation,” Nadler said in a joint statement with Democrat Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas and Steve Cohen of Tennessee.

(Another lie. Trump does not have to try if he wishes to fire the special counsel, he could just do it and no one could stop him.)

“Now that Trump has fired Attorney General Sessions and removed Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein from overseeing the investigation, we are faced with an acting Attorney General whose intentions are questionable.

“As the Special Counsel announces new indictments and guilty pleas from Trump’s closest allies and associates, it’s clear that the threat to the Mueller investigation will only grow stronger,” the statement continued.

“Democrats and Republicans in Congress have mentioned their support for the inquiry to continue unimpeded. Now is the time for Congress to finally act and pass this legislation to protect the integrity of the Special Counsel’s investigation and the rule of law.”

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