Election Interference Discovered…Coming From Twitter

After the upcoming November election I would like to see a special counsel appointed to look into election interference by the social media platforms, Twitter in particular. They are not only shadow banning conservative news sites, they are also shadow banning Republican candidates. That should be considered a PIK. (Payment in Kind) That’s a political contribution of something other than cash, like goods and services. How much is that censorship worth to a Democratic candidate? I guarantee you it’s more than the maximum allowable contribution. That means for every shadow banned Republican candidate, Twitter would be held liable for possibly a thousand or more violations.

The penalty for that is:

The penalty for knowing and willful violations is the greater of $11,000 or 200% of the amount of the contribution or expenditure involved. Due to rounding rules, the FEC has not increased the penalty for knowing and willful violations.

From The Gateway Pundit

President Trump endorsed “star” Republican John James in the Republican primary for US Senator from Michigan.

But you may not find John James on Twitter because he is being shadow-banned because he is the Republican candidate.

Likewise, Republican Ron Bassilian is running for Congress in California.

But Ron’s Twitter page is also being censored. He found his twitter handle on a site that shows you if you’ve been shadowbanned!


You can add Instagram, Facebook and Google to that mix.

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