Fake News CNN Claims No Evidence of Rock Throwing…We Have the Video [VIDEO]

A CNN reporter claimed that there was no evidence that the illegal aliens had thrown rocks at the Border Control agents. They even used a video that was supposed to bolster their case. The reason for that is they cut off the video just before the rock throwing began. Here is the full video:


CNN ignored the fact that their guest,  San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Wendy Fry, told them that she saw the rock throwing with her own eyes. Even far leftist LA Times reported on the rock throwing and the moving forward of women and children to act as human shields. CNN remained oblivious to it all and maintained their fake news was true.

From The Conservative Tribune

In another report, that same video shown by CNN was cut right before rock-throwing was clearly shown. The focus of their report was action taken by the U.S. government and what migrants would do next, despite the person interviewed, San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Wendy Fry, stating she saw migrants throwing rocks.

And even though the Los Angeles Times is considered to be a left-leaning media outlet, even they reported on the rocks and projectiles being thrown at border agents. They even acknowledged it boldly, in their title: “Border Patrol agents pelted with rocks, bottles during standoff.”

Further, they reported that although fortunately no one was seriously injured, agents were hit with the rocks and projectiles. For some, it was hits taken to arms and legs.

One agent was actually hit in the head. The weapon was a “filled water bottle.”

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