Federal Government Pumped $15.7 Billion into Cummings’ District in 2018…Where Did it Go?

The federal budget allowed for 15.7 billion dollars for District 7, represented by Elijah Cummings. Where did that money go? It wasn’t spent to improve the district. Did any of that money go to Cummings’ wife’s company? That would be the first place I’d look. Nearly 16 billion dollars will pick up a lot of trash. People of Cummings’s district should be flooding his office and demand that he gives an accounting of where the money went. It didn’t just disappear. Baltimore has a long history of corruption. The last three mayors of the city had to resign in disgrace.

From The Gateway Pundit

The city of Baltimore received $16 billion in grants in 2018!  The city is a dump.  Where did the money go?  Does Representative Cummings know?

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