Frightening Video of Foreign Invasion Force Traveling to US Border [VIDEO]

There are currently four caravans made up of foreign invaders making its way to our border. The president and members of his cabinet have sworn that they will not be allowed to enter. The Democrats approve of them for two reasons. First, they will be granted the right to vote for Democrats and number two; they will be able to hold down the Black Community in an effort to control them.

For them, it’s a win/win situation. In order for Democrats to become the political force they once were, they need to water down patriotism by calling it racism and allow as many poor foreigners who depend on government freebies as they can and then to get them the vote.

From The Gateway Pundit

There are currently at least four caravans marching to the US southern border with Mexico.

The latest caravan working its way up through Mexico to the US with help from liberal activist groups is HUMONGOUS!

According to Conservative Treehouse the translated caption reads: “CENTRAL AMERICAN BROTHERS CROSS THE SUICHATE. Fleeing from poverty and violence, Central Americans make the third crossing to Mexico in caravan to the vain mirage of the “American dream.” Let us be in solidarity with your passage through our country.”


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