Gillum Staffer Arrested for Battery Against FSU Republicans [VIDEO]

An extremely unhinged liberal communist who works for Florida Democratic candidate for governor, Andrew Gillum had a rough day. She began calling the young Republicans Nazis and then got upset when it was pointed out that not only does her candidate have strong ties to an anti-Semite group, but also by the fact that Nazis were socialists. She then threw her chocolate milk on the students, kicked to the ground a Ron DeSantis sign, and stormed off before being arrested for battery against the students. No word yet on whether she is still working for Gillum, but we have to assume that she is or else Gillum would have made a public statement disassociating the Gillum campaign from this deranged freak.

FOX News reported:

An intern for Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has been arrested and charged with battery for throwing chocolate milk on College Republicans tabling on campus before she kicked Gillum’s opponent Republican Ron DeSantis’ sign out of the ground.

The far-left student activist who had the profanity-laced meltdown, Shelby Shoup, is listed as an intern for the Andrew Gillum for Florida Governor Campaign on LinkedIn and a member of FSU Students for Justice in Palestine. Gillum’s campaign did not return a Fox News request for comment.

A portion of the profane exchange with the College Republicans on campus was caught on camera.

Shoup threw her drink on SFU College Republicans Vice-Membership Chair, Daisy Judge, and when another student passing by tried to de-escalate the situation, she threw the remainder of her drink on him, according to a statement released by the College Republicans at FSU.

“You are supporting Nazis,” Shoup said in the video posted online. “Do you understand that?”

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