Good Guys With Guns Stop Mass Killing at School…CNN Did Not Cover the Story [UPDATE]

UPDATE: Although some outlets reported that the shooter died in shootout with police, forensics has now determined that the officer’s shot hit the gunman in the hand and that the fatal shot was self inflicted. The shootout occurred in a staircase and not outside as previously reported. But, it was the confrontation with good guys with guns that prevented a mass shooting. This story has been edited to reflect the updated version of the shooting. The original story was published by Breitbart News was factually innacurate.

A shooter at the Dennis Intermediate School in Indiana averted a tragedy after a would be school shooter shot out a window to gain access to the school. Police entered the building and confronted the gunman in a staircase. They both shot at the same time and it was originally believed that the officer killed the 14 year old shooter, but ballistics proved the wound was self inflicted.

I know. I know. It must have been an oversight, not mentioning how good guys with guns stopped a would-be killer before he had the chance to kill. Someone called the police about an armed man near the school. But, CNN cannot be expected to post every story, especially when it goes against their core principles. They are on a crusade to insure that only criminals have guns. They won’t print any story that conflicts with that.

From Fox News

Indiana State Police later confirmed a 14-year-old male suspect died. No other students were hurt. The suspect hasn’t been identified.

Police say they confronted the suspect outside of the school, and the suspect ran inside before exchanging shots with the officers. The shooter died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after shooting out the glass of a locked door, police said.

Police were able to react quickly to the scene because they had received a tip about a possible threat just before the shooting.

“Officers received information this morning that there could possibly be someone en route to commit a violent act at Dennis Intermediate School here in Richmond,” said Sgt. John Bowling with Indiana State Police. “Officers responded rapidly. They did confront a suspect outside the school. Shots were exchanged, and the teen suspect decided to take his own life.”

Peggy Lewis was in the area at the time of the incident and said she spoke to the suspect’s father.

“He said, ‘No I’m actually his father’ and he was telling me how his son had been bullied and they took him out of school and they thought he was doing well. But he thinks he’s been planning this for a while,” said Lewis. “He just said his son took all of his guns this morning and told him he didn’t take him, wherever, he said if he didn’t take him he was going to kill him too.”

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