Gregg Jarrett: Memo Proves Rosenstein and Mueller Conspired to Break Law

Fox legal analyst, Gregg Jarrett just went ballistic on Rod Rosenstein and dirty cop Robert Mueller after reading a memo that proves that Rosenstein violated the special counsel law and Mueller knew about it. Mueller produced the memo in order to justify fishing trips all around the globe. The memo and Mueller’s statement was that Rosenstein made the directive to Mueller was “intentionally vague” in order to let Mueller investigate anything he wants to. Rosenstein also instructed Mueller to investigate Paul Manafort even before 2016 when he joined the Trump campaign.

The problem with that is that the special counsel law requires the one issuing the orders must state a specific crime. Intentionally vague is not specific. Jarrett is now calling for Rosenstein and Mueller to resign over their criminal act. It may not matter anyway. Paul Manafort is trying to get his charges tossed out because Rosenstein ordered an illegal search and Mueller carried it out. If that would happen, Mueller would have to resign and Trump should immediately fire Rosenstein.

Of course, Sessions might threaten to quit over the firing, making it a win/win situation for the president. Then he could put someone in there who will actually prosecute the Democrats over their multiple illegal acts.

From The Gateway Pundit


Jarrett also called for Mueller resign in 2017:

In a previous Fox News column, Jarrett stated:

The Washington Post is reporting that Robert Mueller is now investigating President Trump for obstruction of justice, examining not only the president’s alleged statement to James Comey in their February meeting, but also the firing of the FBI Director.

If true, this development makes the argument even more compelling that Mueller cannot serve as special counsel. He has an egregious conflict of interest.

The special counsel statute specifically prohibits Mueller from serving if he has “a personal relationship with any person substantially involved in the investigation or prosecution.” The language is mandatory. He “shall” disqualify himself. Comey is substantially involved in the case. Indeed, he is the central witness.

The two men and former colleagues have long been friends, allies and partners. Agents have quipped that they were joined at the hip while at the Department of Justice and the FBI. They have a mentor-protégé relationship. The likelihood of prejudice and favoritism is glaring and severe.

So, it is incomprehensible that the man who is a close friend of the star witness against the president… will now determine whether the president committed a prosecutable crime in his dealings with Mueller’s good friend.

As Artie Johnson used to say on the hit comedy Laugh In, “Very interesting.”