Hillary Clinton Admits to Having Trump Derangement Syndrome

Hillary Clinton is confessing to having Trump Derangement Syndrome. (TDS) She has good reason, though. She went into election night having been told by the NYT that she had a 92% chance of winning the presidency and then watching as her dream was shattered again. She couldn’t even pull herself together long enough to concede the election. And ever since that night, she has been unable to get over the first step in the grieving process, denial. President Trump has done some tremendous things, but the number one best thing he has ever done was to keep Hillary Clinton from occupying the Oval Office.

From The Gateway Pundit

Twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton admitted she has been traumatized over the last few years since her crushing election loss.

Hillary Clinton appeared at the ‘Lights 4 Liberty’ protest in Chappaqua, New York Friday evening where she trashed the Trump administration over the immigration detention centers.

Hillary and the media had no problem when Barack Obama (her former boss) kept migrant kids in cages, but now all of a sudden, she cares about the border centers.

Toward the end of Hillary’s low energy speech, she admitted that she has been suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome for the last few years.

“I would end this by urging us not to get discouraged,” Hillary said after lying about child separation policies — it is absolutely true, what did you say? Vicarious trauma?” Hillary asked a fellow attendee.

“Yes, I’ve had a lot of that in recent years,” Hillary Clinton said admitting she’s been in emotional turmoil since her election loss.