ICE Boston Busts 50 Illegal Alien Drug Traffickers, 3 Wanted for Murder

ICE Boston conducted a massive raid in the sanctuary state of Massachusetts after discovering a cache of fentanyl large enough to kill half of the population of the state. Three of those arrested are wanted on murder charges. Many of those who were arrested had been tried and convicted on drug charges but were released back onto the streets, endangering every man, woman and child in the state. Three of those arrested, will be deported to Brazil, where they will face murder charges. For those Democratic voters among you, how does it feel to know that you are now second class citizens? Your leaders put illegal alien interests ahead of yours.

From Breitbart News

Officials said many of the illegal aliens arrested in the ICE raid had been convicted on drug violations or had cases pending in the courts, making them eligible for deportation. But, because of a multitude of sanctuary city jurisdictions, where illegal aliens are shielded from deportation, the individuals were never handed over to ICE and were instead released back into the general public.

“ICE Boston stands committed to work with local and state law enforcement and respects the rulings and sovereignty of the Massachusetts Supreme Court,” a Boston ICE official Todd M. Lyons said in a statement to the Boston Herald. “While some within the criminal justice system seem not to grasp the threat when criminal aliens are released back to the street, the men and women of ICE, through efforts like the one we have completed this week, remain committed to apprehending those dangerous criminal aliens who threaten our communities.”

As Breitbart News reported, six MS-13 gang members — four of which are illegal aliens — have been arrested and accused of butchering a 17-year-old boy to death in the region of Lynn, Massachusetts, a suburb outside of Boston.

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