Israel Set to Demand $250 Billion Dollars in Seized Assets

Israel is set to demand compensation from 8 Arab countries and Iran (Iran is not an Arab country, they are Persians) in the amount of 250 billion dollars for assets that were seized when Jews were driven out of those countries. I’m not very confident that they will see any of that money, but it is believed that Israel will demand payment in any peace deal that might be worked out by the United States.
Netanyahu said:
“It is not for nothing that this day is marked on the day after the 29th of November. The Arab countries, which never accepted the UN declaration on the establishment of a Jewish state, compelled the Jews living in their territories to leave their homes while leaving their assets behind. … We have acted — and will continue to act — so that they and their claims are not forgotten.”
From Breitbart News

The first two countries on the list are Tunisia and Libya, with a combined total of $50 billion worth of Jewish property.

Israel will also seek another $200 billion from Morocco, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Iran, the report said.

More than 850,000 Jews fled or were forcibly driven out of 10 Arab countries following violent Arab rioting over Israel’s establishment.

The valuations released Saturday are the result of research conducted over the course of the past year and a half by the Israeli government and an international accountancy firm.

“One cannot talk about the Middle East without taking into consideration the rights of the Jews who were forced to leave their thriving communities amid violence,” said Gamliel. “All the crimes that were carried out against those Jewish communities must be recognized.”

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