It’s Happened Again: Miss Nevada Kicked Out of Miss America Pageant for Being a Conservative

Just a couple of weeks ago, Kathy Zhu was stripped of her title as Miss Michigan over the fact that she was a conservative and a Trump supporter. Now, Katie Williams, Miss Nevada, has been stripped of her title and her chance to become Miss America for her conservative posts, particularly her criticism of Antifa. I would like them to show me where Miss America contestants must give up their right to free speech in order to compete. They claim that Miss Williams mixed politics with the pageant, but how many contestants make political statements on the stage? Several, but those opinions are from the left, and those contestants are never punished. No true American should tune in for a single minute of the pageant.

From The Gateway Pundit

Army National Guardsman and combat veteran Katie Jo Williams says that she has been stripped of her “Ms. Nevada State 2019” title and barred from competing in the Miss America pageant over her political views.

Williams tells the Gateway Pundit that over the five months that she held the title, the director would frequently call her and tell her that she was being too political on social media and ask her to delete posts.

“Over the course of the five months that I actually had the title, every now and then the director would basically tell me that I’m being too political and she’s not a fan of what I’m saying.”

In other messages, William’s said, the director would tell her to take her sash to events and get photos with political leaders. They wanted her to get photos with Donald Trump Jr. at a Turning Point USA event, for example, but would then hypocritically chastise her for “being too political.”

“I was very confused by this,” Williams said of the mixed messages she was receiving from the organization.

Williams explained that because she has been in the military for 12 years, she knew to have the organization send her all of their requests and demands in writing, “because I learned that if it’s not in writing, it didn’t happen.” She has been posting some of the exchanges to her Twitter account.