Liberal Snowflake Teacher Evacuates Class Over an MAGA Hat [VIDEO]

In Minnesota, a young man sat in class wearing an MAGA hat. This triggered his snowflake teacher. The two began debating whether the student has the right of free speech, which the teacher said, he did not. He then called the student an [email protected]@hole and evacuated the classroom and he took them all to his safe space. The teacher is a prime example of liberal ideology. They believe that they have the right to follow their ideology and that you have the right to follow their ideology too or you are an [email protected]@hole, a racist and a white supremacist, even if you are black.

From Liberty Red News

In the video below, a spunky kid from Southwest High School in Minneapolis, MN, refuses to take off his MAGA hat in class, triggering his snowflake teacher. The teacher sanctimoniously lectures the kid about how his hat is “provoking” people, to which the little Hell-raiser replies “If you’re scared of a hat, it’s no different than being scared of the dark in the basement as a five year old.”

The teacher then says, “you just have to be a bit cool or get out.”

The young man keeps his cool and keeps the debate going. Eventually, the frustrated teacher calls the young man an asshole, (3 minute mark), and decides to take all the other students to a safe space in another classroom.

“Don’t I have the right of freedom of expression?” the boy asks.

“I don’t care. You do not,” replied the teacher. He then tells all the other students to get up and leave the class so they would no longer be provoked by the big, scary red MAGA hat.

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