Macron Surrenders Unconditionally on Global Warming Tax

Dog poop has just passed  Emmanuel Macron in popularity in France after Macron tried to levy a global warming tax on France and especially on gasoline, the price of which would have increased to over seven dollars a gallon. Makes me feel good about the $1.97 I spent filling up my tank today. In France, all drivers must carry yellow vests in their cars at all times. The protesters against the new taxes donned those vests and hit the streets.

There has been rioting and looting throughout France, but predominantly in Paris. The new taxes were based on a computer model on global warming. There have now been 23 computer models showing the effect of global warming. Care to guess how many have been found to be correct? None. Nineteen have been proven wrong, and four have not yet been proven either way, but all four have inflated numbers included.

From Breitbart News

The Elysée Palace confirmed that the fuel tax hike slated for January, which sparked the Yellow Vest movement, would be canceled entirely on late Wednesday following a massively negative reaction to Prime Minister Édouard Philippe’s proposal to simply defer the tax for another six months, franceinfo reports.

Clarifying, the palace told franceinfo the increase is not “suspended or deferred,” but “canceled.”

The Elysée also confirmed the announcement to network France 24.

On Tuesday, representatives of the Yellow Vest movement said the temporary freeze on the tax proposed by the French prime minister was simply not enough. Benjamin Cauchy, a major figure in the movement said, “We will not be put to sleep by a moratorium, the issues are much wider than that,” and added, “the French do not want crumbs, they want the breadstick in full.”

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