Mexican President: Illegal Aliens Have the Right to Invade the United States

Mexican President López Obrador wrote a letter that was released by the Wall Street Journal in which he says that the United States does not have the right to refuse entry to millions of illegal aliens coming in from Mexico and Central America. This was his answer to President Trump’s announcement on tariffs starting at 5% and reaching 25% by October. For some strange reason, he seems to believe that the United States will continue to import $372 billion in goods every year. That’s not true. More people will buy cars made in the United States because they will be a better bargain and the only import we get from Mexico that we can’t supply ourselves is avocados. We can live without them.

From Breitbart News,

President López Obrador’s May 30 letter, provided by the Wall Street Journal, claimed a migrant’s “right for justice,” saying:

President Trump. Social problems are not resolved by taxes or coercive measures. How do you transform the country of fraternity for the world’s migrants into a ghetto, a closed space, where migrants are stigmatized, mistreated, persecuted, expelled and the right for justice is canceled to those who tirelessly seek to live free of misery?

The letter also suggested that poor Mexicans have a right to migrate into the United States: “It is worth remembering that, within a short period of time, Mexicans will not need to migrate into the United States and that migration will become optional, not compulsory.”

Obrador’s letter did not formally reject or accept Trump’s demand that Mexico block the huge Central American migration into the United States, nor did it directly denounce Trump’s threat to impose rising tariffs on Mexico.

Instead, it repeatedly claimed poor people have a right to move into the United States.

In one section, the letter appropriates the Statue of Liberty as a supposed symbol of legal migration, saying “The Statue of Liberty is not an empty symbol.”

The Statue of Liberty had nothing to do with immigration, legal or otherwise. It was a gift from France to celebrate our constitution and our culture. The poem about giving us your poor was added much later.

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