Nevada Dem Senate Candidate Ran a Non-Existent Business

Rep. Jacky Rosen has repeatedly used her running of her own consulting firm as evidence of her competence. She is running against incumbent Dean Heller – who has absolutely no experience running a non-existent business. She probably ran the non-existent business from her house using the kids’ table from holiday get-togethers with the family, where she would plot the future of the company with the board members of her company, GI Joe, Non-Existent-Business Barbie, Stretch Armstrong, and My Little Phoney Business. They even had their own corporate spy. He goes by the name of Maxwell Smart.

From The Daily Caller

Rosen, a Democrat, is challenging Republican Sen. Dean Heller for his seat in the upcoming November election and is considered former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s handpicked successor.

In April, a public records request was filed with the Nevada secretary of state seeking a copy of any “Sole Proprietor Exemption” or “Sole Proprietor Registration” under Rosen or her maiden name between 1995 and 2005.

Less than a week later, a public information officer from the Nevada secretary of state responded in an email that no such records existed. Those registrations are necessary for any business owners in Nevada.

Rosen has routinely flaunted her business credentials, claiming her one-woman shop consulted with her former employer, Southwest Gas, and Radiology Specialists, where her husband was once a partner.

Rosen told a radio station in November that she “raised my family, I built a business – a woman in technology.”

When her campaign was confronted by the information about her alleged business they said she didn’t keep those records from 20 years ago, but (unfortunately for her) Nevada does, and they say there isn’t any record. Rosen has a problem now. Does she admit to lying, creating a credibility gap, or does she prove that she did run a business without a license and face criminal prosecution? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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