Parents Who Refused To Vaccinate Children Suffer the Most Flu Deaths

For years, liberals and conspiracy theory hacks have refused to vaccinate their children, claiming the vaccine causes deaths to those who are given the shot. Now, the current death toll for children ages 2 months to 17 years of age stands at 84 and is still climbing. The CDC (Centers for Disease and Prevention…How did they get CDC out of that name?) in their most recent report found that most of the deaths were children who were not vaccinated. Ironically, studies show that the vaccine works better for children than it does for adults.

WebMD reported:

Of the 54 kids who were old enough to get the flu vaccine, only 14 — or 26% — had gotten at least one dose, according to a flu update published today in the CDC journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

About half of the children who died had underlying medical conditions that made them more vulnerable to severe complications from the flu, and 60% had been admitted to the hospital before they died.

In previous flu seasons, as many as 85% of children who died after getting the flu had not been vaccinated.

 Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said:

“That really tells you that we could have cut those deaths significantly if more of those kids had been vaccinated.”

The report shows that the vaccine is only effective in 36% of adults and so parents do not have their children vaccinated with disastrous results. The percentage of effectiveness for children is much higher. Parents need better information to make wiser choices. The children cannot make that decision for themselves, so parents need to educate themselves before making a decision on vaccines.

You should note that we are only halfway through the flu season and it’s not too late to have your child vaccinated. Children must be at least six months old to receive the medicine.