PMSDNC Host Asks Twitter to Close President Trump’s Account

Stephanie Ruhle, a PMSDNC host, wants Twitter to do away with President Trump’s Twitter account because it’s too damn effective. It allows the president to let the voters know what is really going on in Washington DC, something they can’t get from the multitude of fake news outlets that permeate the country today. President Trump’s Twitter account is the only real contact many people have with the truth. And what really upsets the left is that they have not been able to destroy him, despite their best efforts, and it’s mostly because of his Twitter Account.

From The Conservative Tribune

As NTK Network reported, MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle broached that topic — seeing Trump removed from Twitter — on Monday when she asked a technology journalist whether Twitter will ever ban Trump and close down his official account, which has more than 52 million followers.

“According to The New York Times, Trump has insulted someone via Twitter 487 times. Is there a point in which Twitter says, ‘this is a violation of our ethics, we’re going to shut you down?’” Ruhle asked of panelist Kara Swisher of the Recode website.

Unfortunately for Ruhle, while Swisher most certainly didn’t defend Trump’s use of Twitter to insult other people, she nevertheless doubted that the platform would ever take the monumental step of banning the president from its purported “free speech” platform.

Ruhle stated:

“I think Twitter laid out the position that he’s the president, and what he says is important, and so we’re going to publish it.”

“I think there probably is a Rubicon he could cross, but he hasn’t crossed it yet, for Twitter at least. And it’s hard to say what it would take to do that.”

“And so the question is, will some of these social media companies, which have a lot of power, start to throttle things back.” 

Last July, Ruhle joined several of the other jokers at PMSDNC, in trying to get Twitter to take down President Trump’s Twitter account. Considering the volume it produces and the backlash they would face, Twitter is unlikely to do so, especially while their stock is already tanking.

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