President Trump Invites Reporters to Stay After Cabinet Meeting for This [VIDEO]

President Trump invited the press to stay after his cabinet meeting to participate in something not often seen during a cabinet meeting. Or anywhere that liberals are for that matter. President Trump invited the press to stay as Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson prayed. During the meeting, President Trump laid out his accomplishments in his first year in office and went on to talk about what his administration planned to do in the coming year. It was at this point that President Trump asked Dr Carson to pray.

“Our kind Father in Heaven, we’re so thankful for the opportunities and the freedom that you’ve granted us in this country. We thank you for the president and for Cabinet members who are courageous, who are willing to face the winds of controversy in order to provide a better future for those who come after.”

It is not known if any of the press took a knee during the prayer to God.

From WND

It noted the meeting “was truly awash with gratitude of the heavenly sort.”

“You promised the American people in that campaign a year ago that you would deliver historic tax cuts, and it would be a ‘middle-class miracle.’ And in just a short period of time, that promise will be fulfilled. Thank you, Mr. President, and God bless you,” Vice President Mike Pence said.

The report also doesn’t say if any of the members of the press left before the prayer.

A friend of mine used to tell me that my praying was a waste of time. I asked him if he was planning on crashing his car within the next twelve months. He said no, so I asked him, “Then isn’t having car insurance a waste of money?”