Real Progress Made in Korean Peace Talks…Liberals Balk at Trump Getting Credit

On the second day of peace talks between North and South Korea, a sizable amount of progress was made, but liberals are claiming there has been no movement by North Korea. They are counting on the fact that although Americans can tell the difference between a great economy (Trump’s)  and a terrible economy (Obama’s), they can’t tell the difference when it comes to foreign affairs, so let me make this simple. Kim Jong-un committed himself to the destruction of the  Yongbyon nuclear complex, which is a key component to the North Korean nuclear program. In addition, he will welcome foreign observers to watch to assure that the site is disabled.

And what do we have to give up in return? Nothing new. Just what we have already promised, including a declaration that the Korean War is over. Our last battle in that war was over 60 years ago, so I see no huge advantage to Kim. He also wants the president to fulfill promises he made during the Singapore summit. No major concessions were made on our part. The major point, the lifting of sanctions, were not promised until their nuclear program is completely dismantled.

From The Daily Caller

Kim also pledged to end military exercises and create no-fly zones at the border between the two countries in an effort to calm the nerves that have grown after reports that Kim was actually increasing his nuclear capacity after pledging to denuclearize in his June meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump.

In relation to such denuclearization, however, Kim made a notable promise to dismantle a missile engine-test facility while also inviting “external inspectors” to watch over the dismantling to ensure it is disabled.

“We have agreed to make the Korean Peninsula a land of peace that is free from nuclear weapons and nuclear threat,” Kim said, according to The Washington Post, while adding, “The road to our future will not always be smooth, and we may face challenges and trials we can’t anticipate.”

Kim is referring to the Yongbyon nuclear complex, which is central to his country’s nuclear program.

President Trump should schedule a second summit with Kim before the November election. The more the Democrats try to frame successes as failures, the more pathetic they look, so let’s help them.

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